Episode 8: Bird Person in London

This week on Episode 8, The Juggernaut of Truth is live on video again in central London where he has plans to meet a vigilante, Bird Person who eventually shows up by phone and more importantly, sets in motion the establishment of the latest hero super group. Are the Hero Mates (AKA Hero-icks) going to be bigger than The Avengers and The Justice League?

Episode 7: Airbnb

On last week’s show about an unhinged English hotel owner and speaking to another even worse one on the air the Juggernaut of Truth decided to check in to a haunted horror hotel for the night to see if he could debunk some myths. After realising how much this would cost and looking elsewhere he found an Airbnb owned and run by an Irish man named Cian who claimed it was even more spooky than an hotel in the country. The Juggernaut of Truth decided to find out so you wouldn’t have to, not in person anyway.

Episode 6: England's Hotel of Horrors

This week another killer calls the show! Is the Juggernaut of Truth about to team up with as sidekick? And with a rap sheet that includes assaulting guests, assault of an Irish builder, assault of a staff member from Barcelona hitting him over the head with a frying pan, breaking into a female guest’s room and groping her while he had tar on his hands, desecration of a corpse after the suspicious death of one of his guests, this is one even man managing England’s Hotel of Horrors in Torquay.

Episode 5: Halloween Special Listeners Try To Scare Me

After a number of serious cases and the discovery that Jack The Ripper is still alive, it's time for something more upbeat and a bit of Halloween fun as listeners try to scare The Juggernaut of Truth. We also get updates on the Norwegian case along with an news from Nebraska where Jugg Head was looking into the case of Richard Marx who’s suspected of foul play in the disappearance of a young woman in a town called Hazard.

Episode 4: False Accusations and Jack The Ripper is alive!

This week the Juggernaut of Truth is focused on false accusations and is talking about a trip to Liverpool and an upcoming case in Nebraska. We finally get ready for a call from a real lawyer and there’s the small matter of Jack The Ripper who is still alive!! After calling into the show from the US and admitting to another crime we discover his real name is Alan, Duncan or Alan Duncan.

Episode 3: Apollo Creed and Dave

This week The Juggernaut of Truth is in the field conducting research to find out once and for all if a stampede of cows could actually kill an African king and following on from the conversation with Dave last week, TJOT tries to look into the circumstances of boxer Apollo Creed's death. Unfortunately the investigation is derailed by Dave, who turns out to be a violent and angry criminal.

Episode 2: The Death of King Mufasa

Years after an African King's suspicious death his son Prince Simba returns from the dead to lay claim to the throne. After two suspicious confessions the rightful King Scar is beaten by the Prince before getting thrown to a pack of Hyenas. Who’s the real victim in this story of a Prince with blood on his hands. #JusticeForKingScar

Episode 1: Jack The Ripper Unmasked

By taking a step back to go forward, The Juggernaut of Truth solves this age old case despite a wall of resistence from many Ripperologists. Our host introduces himself, takes some calls and teases some future cases and guests such as an investigation into the Death of Mufasa and a visit from a real lawyer.